Monday, May 30, 2011

The Indestructible Lily

This is the indestructible lily plant. A year or two ago, as a surprise, my mother planted a lily bulb in my rosebush planter. I didn't know about it until it started to grow the following spring. I ripped it out and thought no more about it.

This spring, it grew again. When I went to pull it out, I realized there was another one growing alongside it. So I transplanted this one into a pot and left the smaller one with the roses. Look at it now, it's in full bloom.

To be honest, I know nothing about growing lilies, nor do I really care enough about them to look it up. I don't even really like lillies. I just had to snap this picture because it is pretty, isn't it?

Once again my mother has proved "Momma really does know best!"

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