Tuesday, June 18, 2013

End of an era...

We said goodbye to my car today.

We replaced her months ago. But I still held out hope that we could repair her. Even though her repair costs would have been way more than any average person would've sunk into a '95 car. Under different circumstances, we would've repaired her. But it wasn't meant to be.

She was a good car. She did everything we asked of her and more. From 1997, when we bought her used, to 2013. All of our road trips with the kids, the grandkids, the dogs, just hubby and me.. the memories are all wrapped in that car.

Goodbye sweet girl, you were loved and will be missed.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Aloes

Years and years ago, I bought one of those baby aloe vera plants from Home Depot. It died the same year. The next spring, I tried again. That one grew, and grew, and grew. As far as I knew aloe's were low maintenance and that's what I did. I watered it once a week and thats it.

Then she flowered. I wish now that I had taken a picture of it. She only flowered that one year. After she flowered, she started kicking out babies. I'd wait until the babies looked big enough to survive, then move them to their own pot. I kept her first two offspring. I've been waiting years for them to either flower or give babies. They haven't yet.

Momma Aloe though doesn't stop. I've replanted her babies and given them away so often. For reasons unknown to me, the babies keep dying at other people's houses. Last year, I started raising two babies for two family members. I decided to hang on to them after the stage where I would normally give them away. Well, they're not  growing well here either.

This year is the worst though. They all look so sad. I'm not really sure what to do...

The aloe in the shiny green pot is one of the original daughters.

The aloe in the middle there, in the flowered pot, is the other original daughter.

The planter on the left holds the latest batch of children transplanted in 2012. See, they're not growing well either...

I'm hoping these are going to be before pictures. I've looked up what I need to do and hope to be able to bring them all back to full health.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The lily, again!

A while back I posted about the lily my mother had planted by surprise. Alright, it was more than a while back, it was actually two years ago.

Well, last year, I dug up the lily and got rid of it. The way it was growing was affecting the rose bush and I wasn't having any of that!!

If you think you know what's coming next, you're only partially right.

Yes, the lily did grow back this year.

But, I bet you didn't guess that it brought friends with her.

Yes, lily and babies are growing in the planter now. I give up, for this year at least. I'm inclined to think that someone is repeatedly replanting lily bulbs just to mess with me. I *did* make sure to remove all the bulbs AND turned the soil when I dug it out last year. I just don't see how it possibly managed to come back this year with more friends?!?!?!?!