Monday, March 12, 2012

Holiday Stocking

After the disappointing bandana attempt, I started researching holiday stockings. You would be amazed how many different ways there are to sew a stocking. I had the worse time finding a method that would produce a stocking that looked the way I liked. To be fair, I had a pretty high standard set.

Years and years ago, when my children were younger, my husband had a co worker that handmade holiday stockings. These stockings were gorgeous and huge!! Perfect for spoiling little kids and adults too. I wanted to make stockings that would match them.

I also figured if I could duplicate the pattern, then I could make matching stockings for my grandchildren.

Here's my first dog stocking. I think its pretty close to looking the way I wanted. I do need to find a better way to get the toe sized properly.

Now I just need to figure out how to duplicate the way our names were put on the stocking.

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